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Clara And Sugar Plum Fairy Lantern Set: U.S. Electric Lights Included

Clara And Sugar Plum Fairy Lantern Set: U.S. Electric Lights Included


These beautiful lanterns inspired by the Nutcracker make an excellent gift.
     Each jar is hand-decorated and created by me.  A string of electric lights strung through a small hole in the back of the jar illuminates your jar.  The cord length from the back of the jar, to the standard U.S. electrical plug is approximately 22 inches.
     As with any decoration involving Christmas lights, this item must be kept away from heat sources such as furnaces, flames...etc...
     This item is not intended for outdoor use.

WARNING:  This item contains small elements which could pose a choking hazard.  Not intended for children under the age of 13.

  • Shipping And Returns

    Domestic shipping to the U.S is free.  Processing times are typically 5 business days THIS MEANS YOUR ITEM WILL TYPICALLY NOT SHIP UNTIL 5 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE.  Processing times are NOT estimated shipping times.

    For international orders, your purchase will typically arrive within 14 days of purchasing.  NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS FOR INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES. 

    To return an item for a refund of the original purchase price, simply ship the item back to Laura Craft within 30 days of the item being received.  NOTE!  Customers are responsible for ALL return shipping costs. 

    If you believe that your item is damaged or incorrect, please contact Laura Craft with your concerns.  We DO NOT provide refunds for any and all reasons; however, we are committed with working with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase. 


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