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     In a world of mass production and soulless corporations, Laura Craft goes against the grain creating beautiful handmade items for you and your family to enjoy

     I've never forgotten the first artisan craft show I attended as a little girl, I was mesmerized by the ingenuity of the crafters who used their hands and imaginations to create one-of-a-kind items for their community to enjoy.  I knew that one day, I wanted to join the ranks of those creators and design products that celebrated mindful creation, rather than automated production.


     As a stay-at-home-mom, owning my own business allows me to set an example of entrepreneurship for my children every day, teaching them the value of craftsmanship, hard work, and service to one's community.      

What We Believe

 Put God first in your life, and His blessings will follow

  Traditional family values and freedom are worth preserving

  Support businesses that reflect your values


Waste Not Want Not...

Laura Craft is dedicated to non-wasteful business habits, including using repurposed shipping boxes and shipping materials as often as possible.  

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